Financial Independence and Retiring Early. A popular theme of finance and lifestyle blogs.


Financial Independence

The point at which your passive income equals your regular outgoings. From here on, work is optional and you can choose whether to do voluntary work, go part time or retire completely.


Head Lease

The head lease is the ‘top’ lease where a freehold has granted a lease to one person, who then grants a lease to another etc. In terms of property investing, it often refers to someone who offers to take on another’s lease where they think they can add value to the property (for example by refurbishing) and they pay the original lessee the original rent but let the property themselves for a higher rent.



A House of Multiple Occupancy is a rental property with a number of rooms, where the actual number to qualify varies by local authority. Typically HMO’s are treated slightly differently to normal rental properties both by the local authority and by lenders.


Loan to Value

The ratio of the loan used to buy a property to the total value of the property. For example, a £200,000 house bought with a mortgage loan of £150,000 would have a Loan to Value of 75%.