This blog will cover a number of areas related to life, work, money and probably a bit of gardening and DIY too. Hopefully over time these areas will start to coalesce into something approaching a focus.

Country living – living in the South West is different to living in London, but not always in the ways you think. We think it’s better otherwise we wouldn’t have moved and we’ll be looking at exactly how those differences affect our day to day lives.

Working from home – this is what made our move possible. I’ll be writing about how to manage the transition from office work to home working and tips to make this happen smoothly and on your terms.

Financial independence – the journey to financial independence is an interesting one and I’ll be documenting mine here.

Investment planning – a big one and there are plenty of financial blogs out there. I’d like to retire early in that I choose when and where I work, although I’m not there yet. I’ll be discussing some ideas and concepts and no doubt Vanguard trackers and B2L property will feature heavily.


If you’ve found this blog helpful and you’d like to say ‘thanks’ then please use the link below.


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