Restarting the Blog

For the last few years, a great deal of my spare time has been spent as an administrator on the Financial Independence UK Facebook group. This group aims to help people to get to financial independence and early retirement and is a great resource.

We now have well over 7,000 members and a good selection of material, some of which I’ve produced myself or in collaboration with others. Being an admin has been an interesting journey and generally speaking the downsides (dealing with bots, scammers and spammers) have been outweighed by the upsides (genuinely interesting discussions about finance and quality of life).

However, there are only so many times you can write ‘Have you checked the FAQ?’ when people clearly haven’t. And when there’s a big pinned post at the top of the group called ‘Before you post’ with that as the first action. And when all new joiners get a welcome message telling them to look at it.

So I’ve been looking for a way to move things forward…

I’ll soon be financially independent myself and one aim is to document the actual steps involved here. This will include how I got to this point and what happens next.

I’m also very aware that there’s lots of discussion in the group about how to prepare for FI and get your metaphorical ducks nicely lined up, but not very much at all about what to do with them when you get there.

One idea I’ve had is to prepare a twelve week course to take people from zero to being reasonably set up with a workable plan to take them to financial independence. This would be delivered by email and would involve carefully crafted templates and content, along with clear instructions on the steps needed.

The idea would be that after completing the course, people could join the group (if they hadn’t already) and ‘hit the ground running’ with a much better understanding of the topics and getting much more value from the discussions.

As this would take some time to set up and manage, I’d need to charge for the service but it would come with some degree of 1:1 contact to help with any issues that come up on the way. How much is a reasonable amount – £15? £25? I’d be interested in any comments below.

The blog will continue and I’ll be looking at themes from the group to dive into in more detail – if you have any suggestions I’d be willing to entertain them too.



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